Technology and Know-how    ( Contact us for technical information and prices )

According to the precious experience which has been gained by the experts of this company,

we are currently cooperating on transferring technology and know-how with well-known companies in composite industries with regard to the production of GRP Pipes and Joints.

The following services are offered to clients:

1- Technology and know-how contact including :

- Consulting for Factory Lay out and Infrastructure

- Feasibility Study and Financial Consulting

- Construction, Mechanical and Electrical Consultant

- Standard Presentation

- Quality Control / Assurance Plan

- Laboratory Set up for Meeting Proper Standards                            

2- Training Program in Suppliers Plant

3- Marketing and Business Plan 










Raw Materials    ( to get some technical and mechanical information, you can contact us )

According to the engineering services which are offered in the advanced technology and materials section of this company, and international communication with raw materials suppliers of these industries, it enables us to provide raw materials from main resources.

1- Fiberglass

As mentioned before, fiberglass is the most common used reinforcement, therefore our company is able to provide fiberglass specifically for those clients who has received technical knowledge and equipment.

The following are various kinds of fiberglass depending on the process of composite production:

- Roving for filament winding and fiber chopping

- Chopped Strand Mat for lay-up processes

- Chopped Strand for BMC

- Yarn for weaving

- Woven for lay-up processes

- Fiberglass Grid for construction and soil and asphalt reinforcement

2- Resin

Industrial resin is another raw material which is commonly used in composite industries.

Due to the fact that our attention is mainly focused on the related fiberglass

composite processes.We have been able to provide thermoset resin including

 isophetalic unsaturated polyester, orthophetalic unsaturated polyester, epoxy

 And vinyl ester resins.

3. Additives, Cleaners, Solvents and Fillers 

According to the dominate nature of composite industry and production processes,

our company has been fully active in additives including accelerators or curing rate reducers,

resin shelf time extenders and viscosity reducers, various types of catalysts, separators and

fire retardant additives.