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The worlds best selling residential and  light commercial rotor sets the standards  for an entire industry.

Product range : PGJ , PGP , I-10/I-20 Ultra , I-25/31 Plus
 I-40/41 Group , I-60 , I-90

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(PS) Fast, precise set-up. Adjusts easily to fit unique landscapes. This is one sprinkler that offers hundreds of solutions .

Product range : PS , SRS , Pro-Spray , Institutional Spray , Adjustable Arc Nozzles , Fixed Pattern Nozzles , Specialty Nozzles , Bubblers & Bubbler Nozzles

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Maximum convenience, reliability and ease of service in a residential valve.

Product range : SRV, ASV, PGV, PGV Jar- TOP, HPV, ICV, ICV Filter Sentry, HBV

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A proven track record combined with an economical price make this controller ideal for tract housing installations.

Product range : SRC , EC , Pro-C , ICC , ICC Metal , IDS Decoder Controller, ICR , SRR , SVC Smart Valve Controller ,
Wireless Valve System

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(Central software)

The affordable water management tool to monitor and control a network of irrigation systems from a single central location.

Product range :Central software ,Central Computer Communication Unit , Site Interface , Controller Interface , Irrigation Controller , Field satellite Unit

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(Mini Weather Station)

The world’s most simple, accurate, rugged and reliable rain sensors.

Product range : Mini-Click ® , Rain-ClickTM Wireless Rain-ClickTM , Freeze-Click ® ,  Wind-Click ® ,
Mini Weather Station , Flow-Click

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